Dan Fortune: Achieving your Financial Goals with Real Estate

Photo of Dan Fortune

Dan has a pretty incredible story.  He was an employee until 2011 when he made the switch and started working to build passive income through real estate.  Less than ten years later and he is to the point where, we had to book him quickly before he takes a leave of absence funded by real estate investment for a year traveling around the world. 

Dan has experience flipping, buy and hold, syndication and more.  In addition to sharing his story (which should motivate and encourage you), he will be talking to our group about: 

  1. How to develop a clear plan for success in creating passive income through real estate, and
  2. How to get started with innovative deal structures when you don't have $50,000 for a down payment
Meeting date
Meeting time
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Meeting location
Keller Williams