Below are investing conferences that tend to focus on good education, and private investment.  Private investments (also called alternative, or main street investments) basically mean non-Wall Street.  Owning a rental property is private for example.  Our club does note explicitly do private investing, but because we have an income focus, and the typical dividend in the stock market is 1-3%, we tend to gravitate toward private.   Club does not necessarily endorse these, but seem to fit our focus.  

Real Estate Guys have several events, syndication seminar, summit at sea (cruise), and visits to investment opportunities (mostly Belize).  Mostly focused on education.  

Best Ever Conference Used to be called best ever real estate conference; the generalized it, I think because they started including private equity in business.  Usually in the northwest, tailored for mom and pop real estate investors. 

Old Capital is a real estate syndicator in Texas, small gathering focused on multi-family Investing.

BP Con is hosted by Bigger Pockets, solid mom and pop real estate investor conference.  

These two, although run by different groups have pretty heavy overlap.  They are geared toward educating the retail investor.  They both have a heavy Wall Street focus, but also a solid "alternative investing" tract.  New Orleans Investor Conference and  The Money Show in Las Vegas.

Main Street Summit is private equity in small businesses.  Entrepreneurs looking for investors, investors looking for return.  Seems like smaller scale businesses that some of the family office conferences.  Still most investments require accredited investors only.   

ALTS LA is in LA California and focusses on alternative investments including private investment funds, real estate syndications and private equity.  

Family Office Club hosts a couple of Super Summits each year (New York and South FL).  Deals presented, and some education for family offices.  Family office is code for a family or individual that has a net worth of tens of millions.  You don't need to be a family office to attend, some deals have minimum investments as low as $50k, but is for accredited investors only.  

Montana Landlord Association is a great group to be part of if you manage your own properties.  There are resources for landlords, a network of other landlords, and advocacy for legislation to keep Montana landlord friendly.  They often have an annual meeting.