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Membership Benefits

As a member of the Bozeman Investor Club, you should fully participate in our club mission. Encourage others to pursue their financial dreams, and be encouraged by other members. Receive education and share your experiences and knowledge with the group. Although we love passive income, we want active members who are willing to add value to the group. The following benefits are available for Owner/Duplex (Full) Members. Couch Surfer (Guest) Members are be able to attend two meetings.
  • Attend meetings. Meetings are a place for networking, listening to guest speakers, and participating in activities such as deal analysis. 
  • Participate in the Marketplace; this is our name for classified ad forum. The Marketplace is a time during the meeting, or space in the newsletter, where members can share services they provide, investment opportunities, other opportunities, or needed services they are seeking.
  • Network with other members. Your email will be available to other Full Members to connect individually (group emails are not allowed except as approved by club organizers). You are encouraged to get to know people at our meetings, and even connect outside of meetings for education and encouragement. 
  • Read newsletters, announcements and other online communication. Our club tries to keep you informed of local (and even sometimes national) events. Our goal is not to clog your inbox, you will typically only receive a few emails a month. 

Levels of Membership
For ease and to encourage regular involvement, we prefer annual membership.  Please considering being an Owner (Full) Member, with reduced cost for Duplex (Couple) Membership.  The different levels of membership are:
  • Couch Surfer (Guest Membership): To learn about our club, feel free to crash on the couch for free for a couple months.  We encourage new members to attend two meetings for free. These two meetings do not have to be consecutive. Guests will be added to our email list and receive meeting announcements.  Cost: $0
  • Extended Stay (Limited Membership): Once you have attended two meetings, if you do not see the value of Owner/Full membership, but want to stay connected, we will add you to our Extended Stay email list to keep up on club activities.  Our hope is that Full Membership is not right for you right now; but later you decide to join up.  You can request to be removed for the email list at any time. Cost $0
  • Owner (Full Membership): Full Membership is paid for one year at a time. This can be paid by cash or check at a meeting (make checks payable to Bozeman Investor Club), mailing a check to Pat McGowen (contact Pat for address), or see online enrollment option below. These online options may change as we continue to streamline the process. $90/year
  • Duplex (Couple Membership): A couple may purchase a second Owner (Full) membership for half price (Two memberships for $135/year total)
  • Sponsor: Consider contributing more to the club.  Be promoted as a sponsor for a field trip, a meeting, or other club activity.  Contact club for cost information or see Sponsor Page.

Enroll in Membership

You can enroll in membership at the next meeting or, enroll now for full membership by following three steps:

Step 1: Download and read the Membership Agreement.pdf
Step 2: Pay fees by cash or check, or through paypal below:
Membership options

Step 3: Complete the Membership Sign Up Form

To be added to mailing list only (Limited Membership)

Complete the Extended Stay / Limited Member Sign Up Form to be added to our email list and be kept informed of club activities.  If you participate in meetings, you will be asked at that time to sign the membership agreement.