Meet the Organizers

Submitted by Scott Dowdle on Wed, 05/09/2018

Current Officers

Patrick McGowenPatrick McGowen describes himself as an income sheet investor.  While most investors are focused on the balance sheet (e.g., stock price), Patrick is focused in income / cashflow.  Patrick is also a fan of private investments (e.g., non-Wallstreet).  He purchase his first private investment in 2010, a buy and hold duplex.  Since then he continues to grow his portfolio with buy and hold residential, buy and hold office, vacation rentals, personal lending (including hard money loans) and small business ownership.  Some of these are in partnerships and syndication.  His day job is brokering business deals:   

Mike SmithMike Smith invests in residential real estate. He holds a couple out of state investments, but he is consistently working to add more properties to his portfolio in Bozeman.  He has invested in syndications, dabbled in short term rentals, and is always looking for the next opportunity. Mike is a licensed REALTOR at EXP Realty, and would be happy to grab coffee any time to discuss buying, selling, or investing locally.

Future Officers

Currently, Pat and Mike cooperate to complete all the tasks necessary to keep the club running.  We are working toward a vision of several club members involved in the organizing and running of the club.  Must be a Full Member for at least one year before becoming an officer, if interested reach out to Mike or Pat.  Positions are:

  • President: Facilitate meetings, find speakers and content, guide other officers to keep with the club vision.
  • Vice President: Organize meeting location, assist in finding speakers.
  • Marketplace Organizer:  facilitate communication between members of opportunities, partnerships and deals between club members.  This person will also coordinate, on occasion, active searches for deals outside the club, such as mailings and other active marketing for investment deals.  
  • Sponsorship Coordinator: work with sponsors to ensure they get return on their marketing dollars with appropriate sponsor messaging to the club and club partners.  
  • Tech Support: this person ensures that the online link for meetings is set up and working for each meeting.  They will also work the chat box during the meeting to keep online attendees engaged. 
  • Membership Organizer: Welcome new members, check in with full members during annual renewal, collect and deposit dues.