Meet the Organizers

Submitted by Scott Dowdle on Wed, 05/09/2018


Patrick McGowenPatrick McGowen describes himself as an income sheet investor.  While most investors are focused on the balance sheet (e.g., stock price), Patrick is focused in income / cashflow.  Patrick is also a fan of private investments (e.g., non-Wallstreet).  He purchase his first private investment in 2010, a buy and hold duplex.  Since then he continues to grow his portfolio with buy and hold residential, buy and hold office, and vacation rentals.  Some of these are in partnerships and syndication.  Patrick also had done hard money lending.  His day job is brokering business deals:   

Mike SmithMike Smith started his passive income investing with a residential property in Colorado.  He does out of state, buy and hold, residential; and VRBO.  Mike is a real estate agent with Aspire Realty and loves working with buyers (investors and homeowners).