Innovative Investment and Tax Strategies

For those of you actively hustling to build a portfolio, the speakers first strategy may not be beneficial for you, yet....  But it may be very useful when you want to diversify across more properties and markets, and become totally passive.   This strategy is similar to a 1031 exchange, but allows you to trade one or more real estate assets that you are actively managing and move the money into a private real estate partnership that has numerous large real estate assets across the US.  

Another strategy, for those of you self employed, can roll money from an IRA into an employer 401k, and get access to up to $50,000 cash for use in your investing through a policy loan. 

Join us to hear more about different tools you can use on your way to building wealth. 

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6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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Awe Real Estate 29 W Main, Belgrade