Begin with the End in Mind - Making a Tangible Plan for Financial Independence; a 3 part series.

Cashing out

Financial independence (FI) is a term for creating enough passive investment income to pay your bills.  Creating your first $100 per month of passive income is a huge first step.   Once you achieve this you are hungry for more, but investors can get bogged down in the grind of the slow build, losing sight of what they are shooting for.  Whether you are within striking distance of the summit of FI, or it seems so far off it is a distant speck; making a plan can keep you on target, maintain your motivation, and shave years off your journey.  Over the next three months we will be talking about putting together a plan and what it looks like to achieve FI.  We will hear from three Bozeman investors, that have taken three very different paths all with the same destination - FINANCIAL INDEPENDANCE BABY!!! 

Part 2: The Launch.  This month you will hear from an investor that is in the midst of achieving FI this year.   

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6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
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